The history of the company began in 1993, when our managing director and manager – Mr. Nedelcho Atanasov, laid the foundations of “Evricom” EOOD. Although initially the leading activity of the company was the import and export of paraffin, over the years the team’s thirst for improvement and development led to the organization of the production of machine candles (since 2000), decorative candles (since 2004) and wax blends ( from 2013).

More than a quarter of a century after the foundation of “Evricom” EOOD – our history, accumulated experience and professionalism are what ranks us among the industry leaders in Bulgaria and the Balkans. Being a leader in your field is a calling, but it also carries many responsibilities. Not for a minute do we forget that our candles enter the homes, gardens, restaurants, hotels of our customers. And what is more important – our products are part of your holidays, weekdays, celebrations and professional events.


That is why we strive to offer our customers quality,
which they can rely on, through:

Application in candle production of waxes from certified suppliers, as well as production of special wax blends in our production facility in the city of Stara Zagora according to the requirements of the RAL standard;
Application in candle production of wicks, paints, fragrances and varnishes from established European suppliers;
Tests in our own laboratory to confirm the quality of raw materials and finished products;
Highly motivated staff - a combination of experienced professionals and energetic young specialists;
Enhanced and continuous quality control of products and processes against ISO 9001 standards.
Our mission

Our candles are our mission. We mean the candles we create together with you and for you in response to your personal needs and requirements – with respect for traditions and an orientation towards innovation.

Years and experience have strengthened our philosophy that a satisfied customer and fairness in dealing with customers and suppliers are the keys to success for any company.

our mission
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