With over 20 years of experience in the production of high-quality candles, Evricom EOOD is a desirable partner of traders from the European Union, Great Britain, the Balkans and the USA in projects based on “Private label”.

Thanks to accumulated know-how, investments in the development of production technologies and personnel training, as well as a network of well-established service and material suppliers – we are able to offer current and potential customers a wide range of designs, sizes, colors, flavors, packaging (etc.) in the implementation of their projects.


We started the production of candles in 2000 by making household candles and ritual candles using the pull method. Our technology line allows the production of candles from 8 to 35 mm in diameter and up to 1 m in length. Our extrusion machine, on the other hand, completes the range of our production capabilities with options for elliptical, rectangular and spiral models. Our total production capacity of machine-made candles is 6 tons per day.


In 2004, we put into operation a new facility for the production of handmade decorative candles with a capacity of about 50,000 pcs. per month. We currently have over 10,000 molds for over 200 types of candles. From taper and free standing candles to candles in glass, aluminium, metal and ceramic containers; from standard cylinders to candles in the shape of a Christmas tree, pine cone or rose – our team can offer a variety of solutions.

We use a variety of materials in our candle manufacturing, including RAL-certified paraffin, beeswax, stearin, soy wax and other waxes. The wax formulas of Evricom EOOD are one of the key ingredients that guarantee quality candles and clean burning.
The wick is a major factor in the even burning of a candle. Therefore, when choosing wicks, we rely entirely on well-established suppliers from Germany and Italy. All the wicks we use are 100% cotton.
Fragrances and Colors
Almost every candle in our catalog can be produced in a customer’s chosen color and scent. For the supply of fragrances and paints, we rely on our long-standing partners from Western Europe and Bulgaria.
Quality tests
Our own laboratory on the territory of the “Evricom” production base, as well as the experience and qualifications of our employees guarantee the high quality of our production. Thanks to them, we can develop a solution for the client based on a provided sample or a completely new solution based on an external assignment.
Our network of skilled graphic designers, label, box and packaging manufacturers can assist at any stage of the process of developing an end product to a client’s requirements, or provide an independent recommendation.

As specialists in their field, our contractors are flexible in terms of dimensions, materials, printing and manufacturing technologies.

The production facility and the warehouse of the company are located on its own plot of 8044 sq.m. in the Industrial Zone of the city of Stara Zagora. The favorable geographical location of the city and the modern transport infrastructure shorten delivery times and transport costs for our customers.

We have collected for you 20 years of inspiration from private label orders in one main catalog. The catalog presents to your attention the variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors with which we work.

Inquiries and orders for our main catalogue or based on your design can be made here. At Evricom EOOD, we believe that trust is extremely important. When you provide us with the details of your new project or brand – we value the information provided and treat it as confidential, requiring this from our sub-suppliers as well.

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