Paraffin Palm Wax Container Blend Е211

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Wax mixture based on palm wax with added paraffin, white color in the form of plates. Suitable for candles in containers – for direct use with all necessary additives.


Excellent adhesion of the wax to the walls of the vessel, without shrinking when the candle cools.
The finished candle has a smooth surface, with an even release of aroma when burning.
Optimal wax burning.

Melting point: 52 – 56 ֯C

Application: production of candles in containers

Cuts: 5 kg, 25 kg on slabs

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Wax blend E211 is specially developed for the production of container candles based on palm wax with added paraffin. It is produced according to a recipe for candles in a container – for direct use with all the necessary additives. It is white in color and in the form of plates.

It has the following advantages:

Single pour;
Excellent adhesion of the wax to the vessel walls;
No shrinking of the wax upon cooling;
Smooth surface of the finished candle;
Optimal burning of the candle;
Uniform emission of aroma during burning;

Method of use:

Always melt the wax in a water bath. We do not recommend keeping the wax temperature above 90 degrees for an extended period of time. The dye and fragrance are dissolved in a small amount of wax (10%), which is heated to 75 – 80 ֯C. Stir intensively until the dye is completely dissolved. The finished concentrate is added to the total amount of wax to color and flavor the entire volume before pouring.

The pouring temperature of the candles should be as close as possible to the melting temperature; the recommended pouring temperature of E211 is 65 – 70 C;

Mandatory heating of dishes/glasses before filling;

Pouring should be in containers/glasses well cleaned of grease and other contamination; thus ensuring optimal adhesion of the wax;

The cooling of the poured candle should not be sharp and fast;


Melting point: 52 – 56 ֯C

Cuts: 5 kg, 25 kg

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5 kg., 25 kg., 50 kg., 100 kg.


Container Candles, Whipped Cream Candles

Wax Type:

Mix of natural and refined waxes